• development of web applications on J2EE platform
  • development of stand alone JAVA swing applications
  • development of mobile android aplications

Working on projects for companies

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Latest Projects

Web Face

Online interface for Android devices.

Android Development.

Tax form.

Swing offline form application.

Swing application

Document archive

Document Management System with a lot of statistic features. About 1 milion documents.

Document Management system

DSS Office

Central system for departments of social services.



The 321Software Development is IT company from east Slovakia. Company has been established in may 2006 as a private IT company, specializing in a development of JAVA based applications, including analyze, design, development, test and support of created software. We are connecting Java experts together, to bring best solutions for our customers. All employees or freelancers hold University degrees in applied mathematics or computer science and have up to 7 years of foreign projects experience.
The strongest assets of the company are the knowledge, skills, experience in a field, and most of all active problem oriented approach.

How we are WORKING:

Mostly we are working offsite from Kosice, sometimes also onsite by customer. Of course we prefer working offsite. We understand that this type of cooperation is always about trust and control. But we have strong experiences and it works. There is no problem with traveling for a short time.

We are USING:

Skype, Phone, Email, JIRA, Subversion and of course Java


Opportunity for developing java projects for end customers or be a part of Java team like a subcontractors for other IT companies.


  • successful customer
  • developing a stable and quality software
  • focusing on JAVA technologies
  • building a strong and professional team
  • working offshore from Slovakia